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Purple, Purple, Everywhere!


And no sign of flowers in sight!  I am not sure if I was drawn to purple this weekend for the longing for spring flowers, of not having a dreary, rainy day or because it is Easter weekend but everything I did and saw the last few days seemed to be purple. 

It all started with the decision to do something with all the food magazine recipe clippings that I have accumulated over the years.  I am not sure why I thought it was a good idea to cut individual recipes out instead of whole pages to make it easier to catalog, but none the less I am left with a pile of asymmetrical clippings documenting all of the recipes that called to me the last few years.   The result of this endeavor will be chronicled soon (with its own page!) but the important thing was the discovery of a recipe that included “Onion Jam” from Bon Appetite. 

It was supposed to be an accompaniment to a rack of lamb with mint pesto but I immediately thought of using it as base for pizza with goat cheese.   You can find my modified recipe here.  Isn’t it pretty??

                        Red Onion Jam and Goat Cheese Pizzette

I then spotted some tiny purple potatoes at Market District on Saturday afternoon.   I had never even seen these bright beauties before but thought that they would be a perfect star for my ‘try a new food” exercise this week.   After a quick search on the Internet to make sure there was no special treatment needed for these, I decided an Easter morning potato hash would be the perfect way to celebrate.   

Caramelizing the potatos with butter, shallots, garlic and mushrooms then topping with a fried egg was a satisfying and colorful breakfast! 

                                                  Purple Potatoes and a Fried Egg

As if it was known I was having a “Purple” weekend, Saturday night provided me with a gorgeous purple and pink sunset.  I hope everyone else had a delicious and colorful Easter weekend.  What did everyone eat?