Erin’s Food Timeline

Age 3.5 – Discovered by Mom after having eaten whole ripe summer tomato.  Love affair with food begins.

Age 8 – Fourth grade assignment was to teach the class a snack recipe.  Other kids demonstrated peanut butter on celery, cheese and crackers and the joys of opening a pack of fruit roll-ups.  I wheeled a cooler of ingredients to make Double Chocolate Mint cookies to school to demonstrate the batter.  The following day carried said cookies back to class.  Definitely voted most popular at lunch that day!

Age 8-15 – Cookies were my thing.  I began swapping cookies with Uncle Bill who lived across the country in Montana. To this day, those were some of my favorite packages to receive in the mail!

Age 15 – First job is bussing tables at the Oceanic Restaurant in Wilmington, NC.  Quickly promoted to a food runner then waitress!

Age 17 – I spoke with my guidance counselor regarding attending culinary school in lieu of traditional university and was told that someone of my upbringing absolutely should not follow this path.  As an impressionable teenager, I believed him.

Age 18 – Moved to Boston to attend business school and major in Finance. 

Age 18 -20 – Bleak food memories – cafeteria “food”, take-out Chinese, and a boyfriend who only would eat at Chili’s and then would only order chicken fingers.  I try not to remember these meals. 

Age 21-22 – Holy great culinary adventure!  Realization that Boston and its suburbs are a mecca for amazing food!  Great meals enjoyed at EVOO, The Blue Room, and Wagamama to name a few.  Also became a regular (and went way above a college student’s grocery budget) at Wilson Farm.  

Age 22 – Began cooking in my postage stamp sized kitchen.  Memorable experience:  Filet Au Poivre that set off the dorm fire alarm – three fire trucks later, I still had a fabulous meal!

Age 23 – Moved to Pittsburgh for a corporate finance job.  Still finding my way in the food scene here but all the more reason for me to start the Lone Foodie! 

 About the Lone Foodie

The Lone Foodie was started to bring food adventures, anecdotes, recipes and ideas to one place for me to share with the world.  While food is often thought of as a social vehicle that brings people together, for many foodies their friends and family do not share their intense passion for the gourmet life. 

I am a twenty-three year old in a new city working in finance by day.  On the surface, my life is as far from gourmet as possible therefore fueling my desire to be creative and expressive in my off hours.  By no means do I claim to be an expert, just someone who is passionate about exploring and educating herself about the culinary world. 

If there is anything food related that you would like me to post about, have an adventure that I should go on, or just want to share a story I will happily listen!

Happy Eating!


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