And the Adventure Begins!

Welcome to the Lone Foodie!  This is an idea that I have been contemplating, thinking about some more, toying with and finally deciding to jump in and bring to life.   Food to me has expressed itself in many different ways over my life.  Eating wonderful meals has always been something that I love to do surrounded with friends and family, as I am sure is the same with a majority of people.   It is always so enlightening to see how each person gleans a different experience from the same food, it makes the experience so much richer to share it with someone. 

The name of my blog is The Lone Foodie, however.   This speaks to several different avenues of food that, in general, I explore on my own.  The first is actually cooking.  From the time I was young, I would take to the kitchen whenever I had spare time, often to bake cookies.  Lots and lots of cookies.  Our household had so many cookies that my parents started bringing them wherever we went to try and minimize the stockpile!  As I grew up,  I expanded my skills outside of cookies but I still was almost always cooking alone.  It became meditative and a way for me to focus all my energy on something other than everyday stressors.   Today, I look forward to the days where I can spend several hours experimenting with a new recipe and then (hopefully!) enjoying the outcome.  I have also begun creating cooking playlists that I will post for everyone to enjoy!  Gotta love dancing and cooking at the same time :). 

Then there are other aspects of being a foodie:  salivating over the fresh produce at farmer’s markets, poring over gorgeous cookbooks filled with endless possibilities, biting my nails through each season of Top Chef and researching all the new restaurants in my area that I immediately want to go try.   Unfortunately, being twenty three its not common for my friends to jump with joy to be a part of these explorations.  A $90/head five course farm to table dinner located outside in the area I recently proposed brought moans and averted gazes.  I, of course, thought it sounded fabulous!  Ultimately, these experiences gave me the final push to start this blog.  Not only will I now have a forum to share the fun foodie adventures that I go on, but it will give me the motivation to push myself to try even more things in the world of gastronomy. 

With that said, I have made a few “Foodie Resolutions” for the rest of the year to chronicle on The Lone Foodie:

  1. Start a food blog
  2. Cook a new recipe once a week minimum.
  3. Try one new food each week.
  4. Go to a farm to table dinner experience
  5. Take a cooking course
  6. Take a wine tasting course
  7. Learn to like fish
  8. Write 10 original recipes  – savory or sweet

I hope you enjoy my blog and please share any ideas about food adventures with me! 

Doing food research in Poland - Spring 2009. Street Pretzels were great!


3 responses to “And the Adventure Begins!

  1. Erin, I look forward to reading about your food discoveries! What fun!


  3. “Farm to table” sounds like much fun !!!! Have you seen the movie Bandits — Cate Blanchett sings an old Bonnie Tyler song—while cooking — plays the pots ,the mic is the sink sprayer — too funny !!

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